PT. Geoprima Solusi Tbk has been appointed by the SOUTH group, as a representative in Indonesia. PT. Geoprima Solusi Tbk will address the needs of the Indonesian market, and also expand survey tool products throughout Indonesia. In achieving this vision we invite sub-dealers in Indonesia, and together with our partners, we will become a solid team. PT. Geoprima Solusi also provides good after-sales, by opening a service center with technicians who are trained in maintaining the integrity of the equipment and repairing tools to meet customer satisfaction.


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Initial Public Offering of Share

A maximum of 166,666,600 (one hundred sixty six million six hundred sixty six thousand six hundred) ordinary shares on behalf of, or a maximum of 25% (twenty five percent) of the issued and paid-up capital of the Company after the Initial Public Offering Shares with a nominal value of Rp50,- (fifty Rupiah) per share (“Offered Shares”), which entirely consist of New Shares, which are offered to the Public at an Offer Price of Rp175,- (one hundred and seventy-five Rupiah) – Rp180, - (one hundred and eighty Rupiah) per share, which must be paid in full at the time of placing the order. Total Initial Public Offering is Rp29,166,655,000,- (twenty nine billion one hundred sixty six million six hundred fifty five thousand Rupiah) - Rp29,999,988,000,- (twenty nine billion nine hundred ninety nine million nine hundred and eighty eight thousand Rupiah).
The Company simultaneously also issues a maximum of 166,666,600 (one hundred sixty six million six hundred sixty six thousand six hundred) Series I Warrants accompanying the Company's New Shares or a total of 33.33% (thirty three point thirty three percent) of the total number of shares issued and fully paid at the time the registration statement in the context of this Initial Public Offering is submitted. Series I Warrants are given free of charge as an incentive for New Shareholders whose names are recorded in the Register of Shareholders on the Allotment Date. Each holder of 1 (one) New Share of the Company is entitled to 1 (one) Warrant I wherein every 1 (one) Warrant Series I entitles the holder to purchase 1 (one) new share of the Company issued in a portfolio. Series I warrants issued have an exercise period of 1 (one) year.


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